Catadel Version 0.4 is here!

Catadel has just been updated to version 0.4.316!

New in this release:

The Ranger

Rangers are a combat profession that use a bow and arrow. They have more strength than knights (and thus do more damage), but not as much armor (and thus take more damage as well). They also always gain strength on level up. Rangers must attack their targets from a distance, so they need to re-position themselves if they are too close to their target. You'll meet your first ranger in level 3.


There is now a minimap at the bottom right corner of the screen that displays enemy units, friendly units, and friendly buildings. The minimap will also display an expanding red circle/square to indicate where combat is taking place. Double clicking on the minimap will move the camera to that location.


Architects can now create stairs. They need to be up against a slope for them to be useable. (I know there are some useability issues with stairs, just like roads. I'm working on designing a better user flow for them).

Level 3 - Plains

A new level is available after beating level 2. You'll be able to choose 5 cats to take with you. Level 3 features terrain that has multiple levels, and you'll need an architect to build stairs to reach the lower tiers of the level. Level 3 is also when enemies will start spawning and actively attack your town. Beware!

Other Changes

  • Save files have been obsoleted (I had to make significant changes to level 2). So you'll have to start from level 1 again. Sorry!
  • Applicants to your town now require you to have enough housing AND food before you can accept their application
  • Applications now cost 1 gold to accept. The gold costs of buildings have been reduced to compensate.
  • Town applicants now have a chance to be a profession other than villager. Only professions you've seen will be available -- so if you haven't met the Ranger yet, no Rangers will apply to your town, etc
  • The two story cottage now only provides 2 beds and has 2 chairs added on the lower floor.
  • Farms now need to tend to their farms more and will need to spend more time tending each plant before the plant will grow to the next stage
  • Cabbages and Pumpkins now grow faster
  • There's now combat music around areas where combat is occuring
  • Changed cat shader to be the default shader so they have shadows now. This is in preparation for new cat models that are in the works. The cat's thumbnails are still using the toon shader
  • The lighting is slightly less yellow
  • There's a new resource called "Metal" that you can get from mining "Mineral Rich Rocks". The gameplay for metal isn't in yet, so in the meantime, you can sell metal for gold in the level 2 marketplace. 
  • You can now choose villagers to take with you in level 2 and level 3 (previously it was limited to apprentices and main professions)
  • You can now access the settings menu (and thus save the game) in the level select screen
  • Single clicking on a character's portrait now only selects the character. You have to double click to select and zoom. Right clicking will have the camera follow that character.
  • You can now select up to 14 characters at once and have up to 5 custom groups
  • Number of days to complete objectives in all levels increased so you now have more time to play

Bug Fixes

  • People now move away from storage chests if they are idling near the chests. This doesn't fully fix the problem of people getting stuck walking in place when going to chests, but it prevents some cases of it.
  • Fixed some holes in the terrain in level 2
  • Fixed a bug that caused people to sometimes teleport to their destination
  • Fixed a bug that caused the crops to grow much slower than intended

Known Issues

  • When a character dies while they are part of the currently selected group, their portrait doesn't disappear from the selected characters list.
  • A cat with only one apprentice cannot remove that apprentice from the management UI
  • The entrance to the swamp doesn't have a visual in level 3 (neither does the entrance to the plains in level 2). The visual I was using didn't play well with the fog, so I have to come up with something else
  • The fog causes significant framerate drops, especially on lower end machines

Please send your feedback/bugs to
I promise I am reading them, even if it takes awhile to respond. Your feedback is very important to me.

Thank you for playing!

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