A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Build a cat town.
Manage cat citizens.
Defend the cat civilization!

Catadel is a colony management simulation game — with cats! Manage your cat citizens’ wants, needs, and quirky personalities as you help them build a settlement in the wilderness.

Catadel plays like an RTS mixed with the character interactions of the Sims. Each cat will have needs and desires outside of performing the player's every whim. Players will need to take into account every cat's hunger, sleepiness -- and battle the cats' desires to be cats. Unhappy cats will desert your camp, leaving it in a vulnerable position and potentially causing chaos. Keep all your "catizens" happy, and your town will prosper!

The version here on itch is a demo of the game from March 2019. Catadel is currently in Closed Alpha with lots more features and depth being added to the game. Check out Catadel's website for the latest on development.

Install instructions

This game was made using the Unity engine. Download the zip file, extract it, and double click on "catadel.exe" ("catadel.app" on Mac) within that folder to play. If you run into any trouble, please contact us!


catadel-osx-universal-latest.zip 100 MB
Version 0.6.r35 Apr 26, 2019
catadel-win32-latest.zip 95 MB
Version 0.6.r35 Apr 26, 2019

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