A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Build a cat town.
Manage cat citizens.
Defend the cat civilization!

Catadel is a simulation/strategy/city builder where you must take control of a group of cats and build settlements in the wilderness. The game controls like an RTS, but unlike traditional RTS games, each cat will have needs and desires outside of performing the player's every whim. Players will need to take into account the cats'  hunger, sleepiness, and desire to just sit back and relax.  Miserable cats will desert camp, causing a drop in population and productivity.

Catadel is still in the early Alpha/Preproduction phase, so expect unfinished art, unfinished sound design, features that need polish, and bugs that need to be fixed. Please give feedback in the forums below!

The Story:

For nearly a millennium, the feline citizens of the Catadel have lived each day in lackadaisical bliss.  With civilized comforts fulfilled, many cats lack any compelling reason to venture away from this feline utopia into the unwelcoming wilderness. But there are the adventurous few that thirst for the unknown.  And a group of these adventurers will discover a forgotten prophecy that tells of disaster for the Catadel.  Will the cats be able to build a life outside the comforts of home? (More story and lore will be provided further in the game's development.)

Need help getting started? Here's a Tutorial

Install instructions

This game was made using the Unity engine. Download the zip file, extract it, and double click on "catadel.exe" ("catadel.app" on Mac) within that folder to play. If you run into any trouble, please contact us!


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Version 0.6.r35 84 days ago
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Version 0.6.r35 84 days ago

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