Catadel Hotfixed to 0.5.r18

Hi everyone,

A few bug fixes in this build:

  • Fixed null pointer error when people walk on roads
  • Enabled geometry instancing and static meshing on some objects to improve FPS
  • Improved performance of fog of war on lower quality settings
  • Upgraded to new unity User Reporting system (Thank you for those who have reported bugs using this feature!)
  • Fog of War will now save load (data from old save files won't be there, so when you load them up, it'll regenerate the fog of war like before).
  • When placing new buildings/farms, etc, all buildings will now enter Walls Up mode so there will be accurate collision calculations. This fixes the bug of being able to place buildings inside each other if placing a building while Walls were down.
  • Fix audio popping in at default volume and then immediately changing to actual user settings when launching the game

Most of these were fairly behind the scenes fixes, so I don't really know what screenshot to include with this post. 

Better Leandra textures and better stairs tool will be coming in the next update.

Thank you for playing!

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Version 0.5.r18 Jan 14, 2019 127 MB
Version 0.5.r18 Jan 14, 2019

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