Update v0.5.r16 is out

Hi everyone,

Some bug fixes and gameplay tweaks in this update. I'm trying to make updates more often so it doesn't feel like we've gone away. It's been difficult balancing communication and just heads down working on this game.

Gameplay Changes

  • The storage chest has been replaced by a small building to better indicate that it cannot be picked up and moved

  • Cost to build a new storage chest reduced slightly
  • You can now manually hire a character with a specific profession from the level 2 market

  • Applicants to your town are now all villagers again. Use the market function to hire other professions
  • Reduced training time and cost to promote an apprentice into a full time professional
  • Wheat has been removed from the Farmer for now (until more gameplay is added around it)
  • Roads will now apply a visible buff to people to show that speed is actually increasing

Bug Fixes

  • Support for Wide Monitors -- The UI Should now look better in 21:9 aspect ratios
  • Fixed objective and inventory UI not always updating if they've been closed and reopened
  • Cats should now be slightly smarter in choosing the closest bed to sleep in
  • There was an Auto Save feature added in version 0.5. You can disable the auto save in the options menu. There's now a "saving" UI message for when the game is autosaving
  • A character whose profession grants them armor will now have that armor displayed in the UI next to their health bar when selected
  • Roads can now overlap each other (there isn't a special model for the overlapped areas yet. Will make that later)
  • Added outline to Objective Name in the objective complete message so it should be slightly easier to read
  • Made camera mouse pan more responsive in low FPS environments
  • Characters should no longer stop and restart their routes when given multiple "go here" actions

Let us know how these changes feel and if you run into any issues. Thanks for playing!


catadel-osx-universal-latest.zip 149 MB
Version 0.5.r16 Jan 05, 2019
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Version 0.5.r16 Jan 05, 2019

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