Catadel Updated to 0.6.r27

Hi everyone,

Catadel was just updated to version 0.6.r27. (The 0.6.r25 build was missing the mac version)

Check out the full patch notes here:

You'll notice that there's now a giant "DEMO" sign in the build. We're going into closed alpha soon, so future updates to the game will no longer be free on itch. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more:

Thank you to everyone who has played the game thus far. All the people who have made donations to this game will get access to the full game when we release. Thank you for your early support. It means so much to us!

Files 149 MB
Version 0.6.r27 Mar 08, 2019 127 MB
Version 0.6.r27 Mar 08, 2019

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