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Build a cat town. Manage cat citizens. Defend the cat civilization! · By badoptics


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Catadel Demo no longer available for new downloads
Hi everyone, The Catadel Demo here on Itch will no longer be available for new downloads from now on. This is because the Demo has become so out of date with th...
Catadel updated to 0.8.r11 on Discord
Hi everyone! The Catadel discord's alpha is moving along. We just released version 0.8.r11 Read the full patch notes here:
Catadel Closed Alpha Starts!
Hi everyone! We've been quiet for awhile, but now we have good news! The Catadel Closed Alpha is finally starting! The Catadel itch page has been updated with...
Update 0.6.r35 - Bug fixes and cows
I'm still in the process of evaluating platforms for the Closed Alpha. In the meantime, the demo's bug reporter had to be updated, so I decided to push out the...
2 files — 0.6.r35
Catadel Updated to 0.6.r27
Hi everyone, Catadel was just updated to version 0.6.r27. (The 0.6.r25 build was missing the mac version) Check out the full patch notes here: http://www.catad...
2 files — 0.6.r27
Version 0.6.r21 and Future Development News
Hi everyone, I have some news: Soon, Catadel will enter into a Closed Alpha stage. More details will be released in the coming week about what this will entail...
2 files — 0.6.r21
Hotfixes: r0.5.r19
Hi everyone, Fixes this update: Stairs Tool remake — You now can only place stairs in designated areas that are highlighted in purple when you click the stair...
2 files — 0.5.r19
Catadel Hotfixed to 0.5.r18
Hi everyone, A few bug fixes in this build: Fixed null pointer error when people walk on roads Enabled geometry instancing and static meshing on some objects to...
2 files — 0.5.r18