Update 0.3.258 - Roads

New in this update:


The architect can now put down a road. 

Click and drag to draw the road.

Cats move 25% faster when walking on a road. They'll also visually leave have little dust trails on the roads.

The road tool has some known usability issues at the moment. Roads do not yet have an increment of 1 so you can't get the exact length of road you want sometimes. Roads are also kind of a pain to remove -- you have to left click to select them like buildings. A more robust tool will be made in the future (probably along side a revamp of the building UI)


There are new music tracks for daytime now. They should sound a little less repetitive than the previous music.

Getting More Profession Characters

There is now a chance for one of the town applicants to have a non Villager profession. There's also now a color code for the rarity of each applicant's stats. It goes Grey = common, green = uncommon, blue = rare, purple = epic, gold = legendary.

You can now upgrade apprentices after they have spent enough time (currently 48 hours) in their apprentice profession. Click the green "Certify Profession" ability to change the apprentice into a level 0 version of their full profession. It costs gold to certify someone.

Bug Fixes / Adjustments:

  • Fix for characters forgetting how to animate out of beds on save load
  • Save game screenshots are now resized to be smaller to decrease the time it takes to load the list of saves on the main menu
  • Fix for WASD not registering to move the camera sometimes.
  • Buffs that have no expiration time now have no time displayed instead of "--" as the time
  • Added sound effect and message for when new applicants have applied to join the town.
  • Reduced distance at which fighters will automatically attack enemies.
  • Fixed null pointer when leveling up a character in level 2 after beating level 1 without save/loading.

Please report bugs or leave feedback in the comments below or on the forums. Thank you for playing!


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Version 0.3.258 Sep 21, 2018
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Version 0.3.258 Sep 21, 2018

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