Update 0.3.237: Groups, Notifications, UI SFX

This update brings some new features and bug fixes.

New Citizen Management

1. You can now create groups out of your selected characters. Select the characters you want, and either click "ctrl + 1" or the little "+" icon. You can use the numbers 1-4 for groups. You can also use keyboard numbers 1-4 to select the groups (not numpad atm, sorry).

2. There's now an idle citizens group. Citizens who are not doing any work are automatically added to this group.

3. Notifications have been added! You will now get a notification for when a character gets a negative buff (like wounded and starving) and when a character joins your town, dies, or deserts the town. Characters will desert town if their mood is at -100.

4. UI Sound Effects have been added. Most things will have a sound that plays. You can turn it off in options if you hate the sounds -- I'm still working on choosing good ones so they aren't final.

5. Items now visually stack, so you'll be able to see how many logs are in that stack of logs. Logs, stone, and gold stack up to 6. Meat stacks to 4 and all other items have a 1 stack limit.

6. Cats now have thought balloons about the last action you asked them to do so you can see which cats know they are supposed to be chopping trees, etc.

Improvements/Bug Fixes

  • Fix for people getting in and out of beds weird on the second floor of the two story cottage
  • Added UI sound, particle effect, and camera shake for placing down buildings
  • Buying things from the market will now add them immediately to the town inventory instead of spawning them in the world and requiring them to be picked up.
  • Shift Click now works for the citizens menu
  • Fix for status check mark staying on manage apprentices menu if you can only select 1 apprentice.
  • Fixed a level loading bug that caused some buildings to not count towards town popularity and objectives.
  • Moved some error messages to be warnings so they don't pop up anymore.
  • Fixed bug that prevented more than one cat from getting food from the storage container at a time.
  • Fixed crops that are partially harvested from reappearing when they are withered.
  • There's now an fps display. Use keyboard "Ctrl + R" to show and hide the display.

Questions? Bugs? Feedback? Please let me know in the forums!


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Version 0.3.237 Sep 07, 2018
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Version 0.3.237 Sep 07, 2018

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