Catadel Version 0.3 is out!

Hi everyone,

Catadel has been updated to Version 0.3.200 (lucky 200!). This one took longer than I wanted (a week longer) but it required some major architecture changes, so I wanted to make sure it was stable first.

New in this release:

  • You can now play level 2!
    Save games have been reset. (I had to make major changes to persistence to allow moving characters between levels).
  • When starting level 2, you'll be able to choose additional characters to bring along. Only apprentices and (in the future) non-villager characters can be brought. This means the profession experience your characters gain in a previous level will matter.
  • In Level 2, the Architect will need to build a bridge across the river so your troops can reach the other side. 
  • There's no good visual for the "entrance to the plains" requirement yet. It is a trigger point behind the enemy barricade 
  • Level 2 comes with a farmer! The farmer can create plots of farm land and grow food. Make sure to have food growing as your wild food sources dry up. Future updates will add additional crops and things to do with the crops (like cooking, and brewing).
  • The farm plots will only be interactable if they require tending by the farmer (There isn't a good visual for this right now). So if you select the farmer and can't interact with a farm plot, it means there's no work to be done on that farm yet.
  • Level 1 has been made smaller and has less requirements. It's meant to be an introductory/tutorial level (although I don't have the tutorial set up yet)
  • You can now return to a level you've previously played and continue to build it/earn exp in it.
  • Remember to save often (you can create either a new save or override your existing save)! There isn't an option to restart a level yet, so if you get yourself into a bad place, you might need to reload a previous save.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Obstacle avoidance should be better now so cats will get stuck walking into each other less.
  • Town popularity is now based solely on placed buildings/structures. There is a tooltip for each placement ability that shows how much it contributes to popularity. Each level will have a different max popularity. You can mouse over the town popularity stars and the tooltip title that pops up will display the current numerical popularity value.
  • You can no longer manually direct cats to eat from the storage chest if they are already full
  • Right clicking to rotate the camera while placing a building now works. It used to cancel the placement, but now you have to either press "esc" or the cancel button in the UI
  • Fixed simple cottage not giving back resources if removed.
  • Fixed double clicking to select people with the same job not working on speed 2
  • The apprentice management UI has changed. It now has sortable columns and you get to select the characters you want to be your apprentices. There's a timing bug that could happen where one of the new apprentices doesn't register properly. Just try it again (make sure the game is playing. they don't change professions when paused).
  • Buffs in the UI are now larger so they are easier to see
  • Made night time less dark so things are easier to see at night.
  • The load game dialog should be faster to delete files and the dialog should open faster the second time around. (It's still slow the first time because save file screen shots are too large and take too much time to load. Will address in a future update):

Known Issues:

  • There appears to be a bug going around where people become stuck carrying stuff and then you can't cancel their current action and they don't react to new actions being added to their queue. I'm having a tough time reproing this with the debugger attached, so hopefully I can catch it in the act soon. In the meantime, you can fix it by saving the game, Quit out of the game completely (to desktop), and relaunch the game and load the save. Then it should be fixed.
  • Every so often, there's an error about a character finishing a route and not reaching their destination. You can ignore the error for now.
  • Some people still get stuck spinning in circles while routing (I'm using Unity's navigation system, so I'll need to poke at it more to figure out what's causing it). 
  • People still get out of bed in the 2 story cottage using the wrong floor level.
  • There isn't an indication for why one of your cats leaves the town or when one dies. I'm planning a notification system for this
  • A minimap is still in the works. 
  • I'm also planning to add a way to indicate when a cat is idle so you can easily select them (like in other RTS games). This will also allow for player created groups.

If you experience any issues while playing, please respond to this post or post in the forums. Please copy and paste any error logs that pop up. It would help me a lot in debugging the game!

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for checking out Catadel!

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Version 0.3.200 Aug 24, 2018

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