Update 0.2.147: Usability Improvements

Changes in this release

  • The UI should now update accordingly when a character's level increases, etc.
  • Added a citizen info panel for the selected character so you can see their stats, health, etc.
  • Allow citizen, inventory, and objectives panels to all be open at the same time.
  • Added a character's Action queue as a UI above their abilities bar. You can now see what a character is doing and cancel it if you want. You can also queue actions by holding shift when clicking on an object or action. A character can have 3 actions queued at a time.
  • Cats will now choose a random place to sit down next to the fire instead of the closest point. This should make them sit on top of each other less.
  • Level 1 map is now smaller in the back to prevent players from getting lost there. 
  • People are more hardy now -- they will not be stressed as often.
  • Added fog of war clearing to buildings
  • Added UI arrows for rotating buildings when trying to place them
  • The camera will no longer zoom when the mouse is hovered over a UI element.
  • Added hotkeys for time controls. they are F1 (pause), F2(play), F3(speed 2) and Space Bar (pause/unpause)
  • You can now remove storage chests if you've built another one. You must have at least 1 storage chest in existence though.
  • Buildings now have health (they can't be attacked yet) and the health bar will fill up as they are built
  • Buildings now have a rectangular visual for how large their footprint is
  • Buildings can now be placed on odd centered tiles
  • I moved the nav mesh down so people will walk flush with the ground.
  • Boars no longer carry a bunch of flags and stuff on them.

Known Issues:

  • Sometimes you will get an error that says a character has finished a route without successfully reaching their destination. You can close the error box for this one. I'm looking into it, but it shouldn't really affect the game other than a cat will look like they're teleporting.
  • Characters on the lower level of a building might decide to get out of bed on the upper level of that building. It looks bad.
  • Buildings in old save games will have 0.1 hp

Please let me know if you encounter bugs or have feedback in the comments below.

Thank you for checking it out!


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Version 0.2.147 Aug 03, 2018
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Version 0.2.147 Aug 03, 2018

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