Hotfix 0.2.127

Fixed the Mac build. Apparently it's been broken ever since I moved to Jenkins. I'm sorry! I need to figure out how to get a good verification step for Mac since I don't actually own one. Unfortunately, investing in a Mac is quite the amount of money ...


  • The simple cottage and 2 story cottage now have a selection visual and life bar when you select them. I need to add this to all the other buildings still. There may be some wonkiness with old save files and buildings. I think I caught most of it ...
  • Fix for scrolling being too slow in citizens panel -- although it still causes the camera to move while scrolling in it. Will fix that soon).

This is a small update to fix the Mac build issue. I'll address more of the the feedback/bugs reports in the next update! Thank you to everyone who've reported bugs and feedback!

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Version 0.2.127 Jul 30, 2018 122 MB
Version 0.2.127 Jul 30, 2018

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