Catadel Updated to v0.2.77

This update is mostly animation improvements. I'm working on creating all custom animations for the cats. They were using the default humanoid animations that came with the asset pack I used. However, those made the cats look pretty deformed when walking/sitting because the cats are a lot more rotund than a normal human character. Also cats have tails -- tail animations will need to be a thing.

Update notes:

  • Fix for people getting stuck in chairs
  • Fix for the market level 1's tent causing people to get stuck in it.
  • Fix for people sliding a bit before they start walking
  • Added a better looking standing idle for the cats so that their swords don't clip through their stomachs, etc.

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Version 0.2.77 Jul 02, 2018 122 MB
Version 0.2.77 Jul 02, 2018

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