Catadel updated to 0.2.68

Catadel has been updated!

I will be busy for the next 10 days without ready access to internet, so bear with me.


-added ability to remove buildings

-added lines on the ground to show where people are going

-some routing fixes to people being stuck walking in place sometimes

-building a house is now higher priority than chopping down trees

Known issues:

-cats moving due to attack here command stutter in their routes a lot. This might be fall out from my routing changes

-cats sleeping in beds will appear to be either under the bed or off to the side on load. Doesn’t seem to be stuck, they are just visually off

Thank you for playing! Let me know if you encounter any game breaking issues in the comments.

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Version 0.2.68 Jun 15, 2018 122 MB
Version 0.2.68 Jun 15, 2018

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