Update #4: Cat Fur and Faces

Hi everyone,

New Catadel build 0.1.(win67, mac 54) is up.

This new update brings updated cat textures. There are now multiple fur patterns and faces. There are also a lot more unique cats in the game. There will be more fur patterns available in the future and maybe even a way to specify custom cats.

The cat rig was redone and the face of each cat was separated from the rest of the mesh so we can do facial animations. This may sound simple on paper, but it was a large amount of work and planning to make sure the cat mesh and rig were properly formatted for what we want to do with the model in the future.

Known Issues:

  • Cats in old save games will all look the same (they'll all be white with the same type of eyes). 

Notes: For those that are interested, if you have a Unity Cloud Build and a custom shader, you will likely have to hard reference the shader in either one of your scenes or in code for the shader to be included in the build. Adding it to the always included shader list under project settings->graphics is not enough. Yay ...

What kind of cat patterns and colors would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!


bad-optics-catadel-macuniversal-54.zip 89 MB
May 16, 2018
bad-optics-catadel-windowsx86-67.zip 62 MB
May 16, 2018

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