Update #3

Hi everyone,

Catadel has been updated to version 0.1.(54 windows, 44 mac)

A lot of behind the scenes updates this week in preparation for new features.

  • Save file format has been updated to be more flexible. Unfortunately, this means old save files are now invalid. Your old saves will automatically be deleted on launch of the new version. 
  • Added support for multiple levels. Level 2 isn't created yet. The included level 2 is a throw away level I made. 
  • After finishing all objectives in level 1, there will now be a level complete screen that returns you to the level select screen.
  • You can go to level 2 after completing level 1
  • Character profession levels and stats will transfer between levels
  • You can return to previously played levels to keep playing.
  • The cat rig looks a little better

Things that still need to be done/Known issues

  • The bottom panel of abilities has been stretched up but the rework isn't over yet, so it looks awkward.
  • Level 2 is not built yet
  • Need a "Load Out" UI so you can select which characters to being into a level

Thank you for checking out the game!


I've updated the build to 0.1.( windows55,  mac45) because I needed to hot fix a crash going from level 1 to level 2. Your save file from the previous build is compatible with this one.


bad-optics-catadel-windowsx86-55.zip 68 MB
May 05, 2018
bad-optics-catadel-macuniversal-45.zip 96 MB
May 05, 2018

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