Catadel Version 0.1!

Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out Catadel.

Obviously the game is still in the very early alpha stage. We do think it has enough implemented for a player to determine whether they would want to see more of the game. As you play it, please keep in mind that the game is far from finished.

Here's just a small list of known issues and things that we know will change:

  1. There is no sound. We don't have a sound designer yet . . .
  2. There is no win screen. If you've completed all the objectives, congratulations! Uh ... feel free to keep building?
  3. The cats are naked. They will eventually have clothes that match their profession.
  4. All the environment art will be replaced with our own. Right now we are using models from Unity's Asset Store. (Thank you, Synty!)
  5. There will be more professions and more difficult combat. Think of the current level as the introduction level for new players.
  6. The UI needs to be skinned. It's all generic translucent white at the moment, but it will look better in the future.
  7. The camera zoom sometimes gets broken. 
  8. There's no way to specify the save file name.  BTW, if you need to access them, the save files are under "C:\Users\INSERTUSERNAMEHERE\AppData\LocalLow\Bad Optics\Catadel\" for Windows or "/Users/INSERTUSERNAMEHERE/Library/Application Support/Bad Optics/Catadel/savegames/" for Mac OS (note: "Library" folder may be hidden in Mac OS).
  9. The cats models aren't skinned correctly and their animations look wonky. We will polish these up. (Thank you, Jamie, for the cat model)
  10. Yes, there will be more cat colorings and personalities. Let us know if there's a particular breed of cat you'd like to see.

We're sure there are lots of other bugs. Please report bugs to us when you encounter them so we can fix them ASAP! We plan to update every week or so with new builds so stay tuned!

Thank you for reading!

-Team Bad Optics

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Apr 10, 2018

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