Catadel: How to Play

Here's a short tutorial on how to play Catadel!

Controlling a Character

Mouse over a cat and left click to select and control that character. You can select multiple cats at once by clicking and dragging.

Select Character

Right click on the ground to direct the cat(s) to go to that location.

Go Here

If you mouse over an object and it becomes highlighted, that means a cat in your selection can interact with that object. Right click to have your cat(s) interact with that object.

Sometimes there will be more than one interaction available, in which case right clicking will pop up a menu with the different interaction options.

Character Professions

There are currently 3 different professions in the game (with more to be implemented soon). Each profession has its own abilities.

Villagers can chop down trees for wood or mine rocks for stone and gold. Villagers are normal units and the default profession when a new cat comes to your town.

Knights can attack enemies directly. Right click an enemy to attack them. Knights are hero units which can earn EXP. Hero units are displayed in a separate bar so you can easily keep track of them. Knights earn EXP through combat.

Architects can build buildings and are also hero units. Select a building from the abilities menu and move your mouse to the location in the world you want to place it. You can change the rotation of the building with the arrow keys. Left click to place the building and the architect will begin constructing it.Right click or press ESC to cancel building placement.  Architects earn EXP through building things.


A hero unit can take a villager as their apprentice after reaching level 1. Apprentices are weaker version of the hero units who can perform similar tasks. To make a villager an apprentice, select the Hero Unit and right click on the villager and choose the Make Apprentice action.

An apprentice knight (called a Squire) can be directed to attack enemies. An apprentice architect can help construct buildings. A Hero Unit can have a number of apprentices equal to their level. A level 2 Knight can have 2 squires, a level 4 knight can have 4, etc.

Finally, each character has their own set of stats. Choose the ones most suited to the profession to get the best results!

Getting New Citizens

When the red pencil and paper icon appears in the Town Popularity panel, that means new feline citizens have applied to join your town. If your town is very popular, more cats will apply at the same time. You can have up to 3 citizen applications at a time.

Click on the pencil and paper icon to review citizen applications and choose which ones to invite. When you accept a new citizen, they will spawn at the edge of town and walk to the closest storage container.

Note: if you don't have enough housing, you'll be able to review the applications but you cannot accept any new cats. Build houses using the architect to increase your town housing cap.

Questions? Bugs?

This is just a simple tutorial so if you need more information, please ask! There is also an in-game bug/feedback reporting tool. We'd love to hear from you!

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Apr 10, 2018

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Took me a while to realize I have to recruit new cats and find how to do that. Cats are so lazy they don't even join a growing town... :)


oh oops! I will add some notes to the tutorial about recruiting new cats. Thank you!